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30 Essential Tips to On-board You and Your New Baby

30 Essential Tips to On-board You and Your New Baby

18:10 25th July 2019 | Post-Natal Care

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Now your baby is here…

Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether or not you are a first-time parent. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer intensity of catering to the needs of a little human who depends on you for love and survival. 

Rest assured, you are not alone in this. Here, we’ll take you through 30 tips that will equip you for this amazing journey into parenthood.


From sore nipples to tough latch-ons, nursing can seem overwhelming.

1. Women who seek help have a higher success rate. Talk with friends who had good nursing experience, ask for professional help- book a pediatric appointment to see a specialist.

2. Use hospital resources. Feel free to contact our nurses at any time you experience difficulty feeding your baby. This nurse can guide you through this process and provide valuable advice.

3. Prepare. Taking care of yourself first. Get a glass of water and a book or magazine to read. And, because breastfeeding can take a while. Pee first!

4. Try a warm compress if your breasts are engorged or you have blocked ducts. A heating pad or a warm, wet washcloth works. 

5. Heat helps the milk flow, but if your breasts are sore after nursing, try a cold pack. 

6. If you want your baby to eventually take a bottle, introduce it after breastfeeding is established but before the 3-month mark. Many experts say 6 to 8 weeks is good.


If your infant isn't eating, he's probably sleeping. Newborns log as many as 15-18 hours of sleep a day but only in short bursts. The result: You'll feel on constant alert and more exhausted than you ever thought possible. Even the best of us can come to resent severe sleep deprivation.

7. It's okay to feel tired but it's really important not to allow this to weigh you down. At this time, there's only one supreme goal: Caring for your baby. 

8. Take shifts. One night it's Mom's turn to rock the cranky baby, the next it's Dad's turn. 

9. The old adage, "Sleep when your baby sleeps" really is the best advice.

10. What if your infant has trouble sleeping? Do whatever it takes: Nurse or rock baby to sleep; let your newborn fall asleep on your chest or in the car seat. When you have tried all and nothing seems to work, then it may be time to pay your doctor a visit.


It's often hard to decipher exactly what baby wants in the first murky weeks. You'll learn, of course, by trial and error.

11. The key to soothing fussy infants is to mimic the womb. Swaddling, shushing, and swinging, as well as allowing babies to suck and holding them on their sides, may trigger a calming reflex.

12. Play tunes. Soft music improves sleep quality and duration. One thing you can count on is the power of music to soothe your baby. 

13. Warm things up. Make warm wipes using paper towels placed on a hot water bottle. 

14. You'll need other tricks, too. Doing deep knee bends and lunges while holding a baby can calm him/her down. The upside is you could get your legs back in shape!

15. Soak to soothe. If all else fails - and baby's umbilical cord stub has fallen off - try a warm bath together. You'll relax, too, and a relaxed mommy can calm a baby.

Getting Dad involved

Your husband has helped you through your pregnancy. You should be confident enough to let go. Mom, it’s time to hand the baby over and let Dad figure things out his way.

16. Trust your partner to step up. Many first-time dads hesitate to get involved for fear of doing something wrong and incurring the wrath of Mom. Moms need to allow their husbands to make mistakes without criticizing them.

17. Ask Dad to take time off from work - after all the relatives leave. This allows them to have some alone time with their newborn.

18. Divide and share. Allow dad to take over the cleaning and grocery shopping. So that you can have a little time for yourself.

19. Remember that Dad wants to do some fun stuff too, like taking his shirt off and putting the baby on his chest. Some men love feeling the rhythm of their hearts beating together with that of the baby.

Staying focused on you

No matter how excited you are to be a mommy, the constant care an infant demands can be quite demanding. Find ways to take care of yourself by stealing short breaks.

20. First, verify seemingly confusing advice. At this point, your healthcare provider maybe your best friend. In the end, you're the parents, so you decide what's best.

21. Forget about housework for the first couple of months. Concentrate on getting to know your baby. If anyone has anything to say about the dust piling up or the unwashed dishes, smile and hand them a duster or the dish detergent!

22. Accept help from anyone who is nice enough to offer. 

23. Got lots of people who want to help but don't know how? Don't be afraid to tell people exactly what you need.

24. But don't give other people the small jobs. Changing a diaper takes two minutes. You'll need others to do time-consuming work like cooking, sweeping floors, and buying diapers.

25. Reconnect. To keep yourself from feeling detached from the world, get outside on your own, even if it’s just for five minutes.

Out and About with Baby

26. Enlist backup. Make your first journey to a big, public place with a veteran mom. 

27. If you are out and about on your own, stick to places likely to welcome a baby such as baby store in the mall.

28. Keep your diaper bag packed. There's nothing worse than finally getting the baby ready, only to find that you're not.

29. Stash a spare. Always keep a change of adult clothes in your diaper bag. 

30. Finally, embrace the chaos. Keep your plans simple and be prepared to abandon them at any time 

If nothing else, remember that everyone makes it through, and you will too. Soon enough you'll be rewarded with your baby's first smile, and that will help make up for all the initial craziness.

Source: Parents

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