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Have You Had Your Tetanus Vaccine Recently?

Have You Had Your Tetanus Vaccine Recently?

08:09 27th September 2018 | Bacteria Infection

Tetanus is a serious infection that can lead to muscle spasms and even death if not treated. It is caused by a type of bacteria that produces a toxin which affects the brain and nervous system. This bacteria is usually found in soil, dust and around other natural environments. 

The bacteria enter your skin through a cut or a wound and once they start replicating, they produce a powerful toxin which impairs your muscle nerves. 

Symptoms may start within 10 days after the infection. Early symptoms may include diarrhoea, fever and a headache. These symptoms may progress to:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Stiffness of the jaw, which is referred to “lockjaw”
  • Stiffness in the chest muscles, which can result in breathing difficulties

Antibiotics, muscle relaxers and an anti-toxin can assist in treating the symptoms. Nearly all cases of tetanus are entirely avoidable by getting vaccinated. Contact Bridge Clinic today for more information and if you are unsure about your tetanus immunisation status. 


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