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Managing a Chronic Disease

Managing a Chronic Disease

12:58 9th June 2021 | Chronic Disease

Chronic Management Hypertension Diabetes Hepatitis Cancer Asthma

Do you know what chronic disease is?

Chronic disease is one that persists beyond 3 months and requires long-term management by a specialist. Examples include diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, cancer, asthma and others.

Chronic disease management is essential in ensuring that disorders (such as the ones mentioned above) do not progress to life-threatening levels.

Here are a few ways you can ensure your chronic disease is well-managed.

Manage your medications: Know your drugs and take them when due; set reminders if you have to.

Make healthy investments in yourself: Make the needed lifestyle changes, eat right, and do everything your doctor asks you to

Involve your family: By carrying your family along, managing your health condition is a lot easier

Don't miss your check-ups: Chronic healthcare most likely means you are seeing a specialist. Make sure you meet up with your appointments and communicate everything that your specialist needs to know. This can have a significant impact on the quality of your life.

Make your primary healthcare doctor your partner: Specialists will come and go at different times of your life, but your primary healthcare doctor will always be there. Be open with your doctor; his/her number 1 job is to see to it that you are healthy and well.

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