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The Importance and Benefits of Preventative Healthcare

The Importance and Benefits of Preventative Healthcare

15:09 26th September 2017 | Preventive HealthCare

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The old proverb, 'Prevention is Better than Cure' still rings true today. This involves:

  • maintaining a healthy, balanced diet
  • staying fit – physically and mentally
  • going for regular health checks.

The Benefits of Preventative Healthcare

  • Improved quality of life
  • Early diagnosis = early treatment
  • Avoid or reduce symptoms of illness
  • Many diseases, if caught early, can be eradicated
  • Productivity and efficiency at work can be maintained
  • Regular screenings can save you from crippling medical costs in the future

Our Basic Needs

People need water, food, warmth, rest, safety and security to survive. If these basic needs are not met, physical and mental health is at risk. Even if you have the above covered, you should not assume you are always in good health.

Lifestyle Choices and Habits

Certain lifestyle choices and habits can cause severe damage. Smoking, for example, can lead to numerous diseases and conditions which may include infertility, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer or even death. Consuming too much alcohol, sugar and salt is also dangerous. Maintaining a healthy weight and getting enough sleep should also be emphasized.

People who lead a healthy lifestyle tend to be happier and live longer. They drink enough water, eat nutritious meals and make time for regular exercise. All these go a long way in terms of preventing illness and disease, but good health should still be confirmed by a healthcare professional.


People should go for regular health checks, even when they think they are healthy. Healthcare providers should not only treat symptoms or diseases. They should encourage healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the need for diagnostic services. That is why it is important to choose a healthcare provider you can trust.

If something is wrong, it is better to know sooner than later.

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